A Brief Summary of Playstation Gaming Consoles

A Brief Summary of Playstation Gaming Consoles

Playstation is basically a video gaming consoles series designed as well as developed by the Sony Computer Entertainment. The brand was initially introduced in Japan, in the year 1994. It consists of three home consoles, online service, two handhelds, phone, media centre, multiple magazines and line of controllers. Playstation includes PSX that is digital video recorder integrated with Playstation as well as Playstation 2. The Playstation series controllers use DualShock that is vibration-gamepad feedback that has sold around twenty eight million controllers. Playstation network being an online service consists of around sixty nine million users. It has online virtual region that allows download as well as purchasing of games and different types of multimedia. The upcoming software framework is Playstation suite that provides content cross-device as well as cross-platform.

For Playstation Vita, new touch screen based interface is provided that is called LiveArea that integrates elements of social networking to the interface. Playstation consists of a series of hand-held and console game devices. This series also contains upgrades and successor consoles including Net Yaroze. Psone featured 2 important changes where one was cosmetic change for console whereas the second was Graphical user interface of home menu. Playstation 2 was a part of a sixth generation video game consoles. It was backward compatible with original Playstation games. It had slimmer redesign. Playstation 2 is one of the most successful console having sold around 150 million units. Moreover, PS2 had become the fastest console game.

Slimline was thinner, smaller, and quieter that included in-built Ethernet port. In 2008, another revision of Slimline came which was lighter as compared to the original version along with lighter AC adapter. Playstation 3 was released in 2006 that competed with Wii and Xbox 360 in seventh generation video game consoles. The playstation 3 can be obtained in 20, 40, 60, 80, 120, 250, and 320 GB. The redesigned model that is available in 36% lighter, 33% smaller, as well as consumes 34% to 45% lesser power as compared to its previous models. PS3 runs in a cool and quiet manner as compared to its previous models. In 2012, new Playstation 3 came with “Super Slim” model having redesigned case with sliding door that covers disc drive. It is 3 pounds lighter as well as slim. It has 250 gigabyte or 500 gigabyte of hard drive.

The first handheld console presented by Sony is PSP (Playstation portable). This is the first console to make use of proprietary optical storage called Universal Media Disc that has the capability of storing movies as well as games. It also contains 32 MB internal storage memory for flash that is expandable using Memory Stick PRO Duo. The layout is similar to PS3 along with the logo button, circle, square, cross, and triangle buttons. The Slim & Lite is 33% lighter as well as 19% slim as compared to the original version of Playstation portable. The batteries of older model will still work but will lower power consumption. It has a modified serial port so as to accommodate new video-out features.

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