An In-depth Review of the LDS Planet Dating Site

An In-depth Review of the LDS Planet Dating Site

Finding that special someone can be a daunting task for anyone. The world of Internet dating poses specific challenges that may discourage some from giving it a try. Scores of dating sites can be found with a simple web search but choosing the right site for you is anything but simple.

LDS Planet is a site targeting Christians who are seeking potential mates who share their values. The site aims to connect people of similar faith in an environment safe for all to try. The first step in trying the site is registration.

Singing Up

Signing up on LDS Planet is easy. The various menus center the question so that all you are focused on is the next question in the registration process. Once you have answered the basic information such as your name and date of birth, the system prompts you to enter other information  to best match you with site members of the opposite sex. The other information includes the number of children you have and how many of them live within your household, your marital status, your ethnicity and eye color, and finally your height and body type. There is even a question that asks you to rate your looks up to “very good looking.”

After completing the questions you are able to load a picture of yourself for your profile. 


You are able to search through the list of members who match your profile characteristics and see their photos without paying a penny. Any contact between members will require a paid membership, however. The membership price starts at $16.99 for one month. You can save by choosing to sign-up for a 6-month membership for just $11.99 per month – billed at once for a total of $71.94. For a special profile that includes color, the 6-month membership fee is $12.99/mo. Or $77.94 total. 


Safety is reasonably assured on the LDS Planet site. Members are not required to enter any information that would compromise your privacy in order to sign-up. You can (and are encouraged) to choose a username in lieu of assigning your real name to your profile. In the course of communicating with other members, you can block and/or report other members for conduct in the forum. Blocking someone will preclude them from having any access to you through the LDS Planet site. Reporting someone will alert the LDS Planet staff monitors and an investigation is promised to be conducted. Members who violate the terms of the site are subject to dismissal. 

Best Features

The best features of the LDS Planet site are its tools for finding other members. You are automatically funneled to members who fit your profile and reside close to you, but you can choose to tailor your results to find someone who more closely and specifically matches what you are seeking in a mate.

Features That Could Be Better

During the sign-up process there were technical issues with the menus that could be improved. Firstly, the height options are limited to 6’ 5” and the birthday fields are somewhat off-center to the point of making it difficult to select the correct year. If you are not precise in selecting the year you will have to retry your entry.


Overall, the tools afforded members of the LDS Planet site makes it an exciting place to find companions in faith. With a few minor adjustments to the sign-up process, there would be little to not like about this attractive and useful site.

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