Getting the Best Possible Picture on your Vizio LCD TV

Vizio offers an array of high-definition flat-panel LCD displays for home entertainment use. You can choose from a variety of sizes and capabilities to match the size of your living room and your viewing preferences. Once you have selected and purchased your new Vizio TV, you will need to choose the settings that give your TV the best picture quality possible. You can adjust your picture settings through an on-screen menu with your remote control to create the conditions that suit your viewing preferences accurately.

Look on the backside of your Vizio LCD TV to locate the various inputs available for connection. The best inputs for video and audio quality are the HDMI inputs. Your Vizio TV will have between two and five HDMI inputs that are available to accommodate high-definition and high-quality audio and video components. If you have more components to connect then there are HDMI inputs available on your LCD TV, prioritize the available HDMI inputs for those components that you will use most often, and use the composite inputs for any other high-definition component that you wish to connect.  You should connect your main set-top box to the HDMI cable inputs as well as any DVD or Blu-ray player you wish to have connected. After the two main components, you can choose to connect a gaming system console or other content component as you see fit to the remaining available HDMI inputs.

Backside of Vizio LCD TV

Turn on the Vizio TV and press the input button on the remote control to select among the HDMI component channels. Your choices will be listed in the order of the inputs on the back of the TV. HDMI-1 indicates the component that is connected to the first HDMI input. HDMI-2 (and so on) signifies the other components connected via HDMI cable. 

Press the menu button on the Vizio remote control. The factory setting on the menu screen defaults for picture quality. Adjust the screen quality by using the arrow buttons on your remote control. Choose among the preset picture settings to find the setting that meets your preferences. For each of the settings under the distinguished preset options, you can choose to adjust the levels within the setting to your precise preferences. 

Once you change the settings within a preset picture option, the picture quality option will be designated as custom and will be saved as a custom setting.

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