How Contemporary Fashion Dolls Negatively Affect Self-esteem

How Contemporary Fashion Dolls Negatively Affect Self-esteem

Contemporary fashion dolls are designed to be dressed so as to reflect a particular fashion trend. They can be manufactured as toys for children for playing purposes or as collectibles for the adult population (Rhode, 2009). The contemporary fashion dolls can reinforce, reflect or reject facial stereo types depending on any given situation. In reinforcing a facial stereotype, the fashion doll can help in creating a certain perception to an individual’s minds. It can be used by an individual to exert an impression of particular characteristics or mood of an individual. The fashion dolls can help in making a person appear beautiful, happy, ugly, angry or violent among other traits. The dolls can change our minds and imaginations regarding a person based on their look. The contemporary dolls are responsible for the actions of individuals in the society. They determine the type of cloths that are supposed to be worn by boys and girls. They can also determine the role of boys and girls in the society by determining what the boys and girls are expected to do.

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The popularity of contemporary fashion dolls can affect the girls self esteem in both in positive and negative ways. Most of the fashion dolls are in the form of girls appearance hence can be manipulated to be meant for girls. People will therefore, associate the dolls with girls. People will therefore expect girls to play with dolls. They also create the impression that girls like and are interested in fashion. They can also be used to give the impression of girls’ physical appearance as well as their postures. This can create some negative perception on girls depending on the particular doll that is used in an event. This will act as discrimination against girls.


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