What is the 1 Week Diet Plan and How does it Work?

The one week diet plan is a period of seven days where one restricts oneself to a special course of food to lose weight. During the seven days the individual is restricted to a small amount of food and a special kind of food. It does not involve fasting or abstaining from food.

This is the perfect diet for those that are attending a party in a week’s time need to fit in that mini black dress. Or perhaps you’re about to go to the beach with your friends and you feel uncomfortable wearing that tiny bikini?

It’s not the end of the world. Shedding those extra pounds is certainly possible, even with the limited amount of time in your hands. Take note that this doesn’t mean you’ll be skipping meals and starving yourself. Weight loss doesn’t have to compromise your health. Read on and discover the 1 week diet to help you lose up 10 pounds.

Day One

The first day is considered the most important by most health experts, since what you do here will dictate your success in the following days. For this diet, all you’re going to eat on day 1 are fruits. Yes, that’s right; you can eat your favorite fruits, excluding bananas. Save those for later. Just be sure that your fruit choices do not contain lots of sugar. Great options include watermelon, raspberries and strawberries.

Day Two

After munching on fruits, now it’s time to eat some healthy greens. Day 2 is all about vegetables. Plan your vegetable meals throughout the day and choose cooking methods that do not involve the use of oil. Boiled potatoes are a good addition if you feel like you’re not getting full, but it’s recommended to eat potatoes in the morning as they are loaded with carbs.

Day Three

On the third day, you’ll be eating both fruits and vegetables. Just steer clear from bananas and potatoes. You can eat all fruits in the morning, then all vegetables in the afternoon. Or you can include both food choices for all your meals throughout the day.

Day Four

Banana lovers rejoice! Day 4 is the time to eat bananas paired with milk. This combination provides your body with all essential nutrients. It might not seem like much, but you’ll surely feel full after a glass of milk and a couple of bananas.

Day Five

Your food choices expand a little bit on day 5. Here you can have a cup of rice with a serving of fruits and vegetables. But the most important thing is to consume 6 to 7 tomatoes, which do wonders for breaking down chemicals and speeding up weight loss.

Day Six

The penultimate day allows you to have another cup of rice for lunch. For the rest of your meals, it must be all veggies. By now, you should start feeling the positive effects of all the healthy foods you’ve consumed for your digestive system.

Day Seven

The old adage “save the best for last” applies for this diet plan. The seventh day will be the best day in terms of food choices. You can pair your cup of rice with all the veggies you want. And if you’ve been craving for fruit juices, now is the perfect time to drink them.

As you can see, this 7-day diet plan is very simple to follow. It’s designed to provide you with all essential nutrients, limit your caloric intake and flush toxins from your body. Be sure to try out this diet regimen and reduce that number on the weighing scale.

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